Saturday, January 9, 2010

Avatar - God in the World

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Nevan said...

hmmm...I guess I will have to see the movie. I have heard some talk to this effect.

You style of speaking reminds me of Rob Bell.

Dustin Sells said...

thanks, nevan. I take that as a high compliment indeed. Please help spread the word about this stuff so I can see if folks are interested. If so, expect to see these vlogs at least weekly.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Dustin. I enjoyed listening to your insights on Avatar. Haven't seen the film yet ut want to check it in 3-D before it leaves the theaters. Cool video blog you got here, keep it up.

By the way I'm neck deep in Kingdom of God stuff, have been for the past year or more. The end of your discussion seemed to be hinting about the Kingdom coming it all its fullness, including the recreation of the earth. We should talk more about this when we get together next.

Dustin Sells said...

That is what I think "new heave and new earth" mean in Revelation. So yeah, you read (or watched) me right and we definitely should have that conversation next time. You know, I'm only four hours away...just saying.